The Dollar $tore Challenge 2010

004 (by bibliosaurusrex)

A couple months back, I got this really awesome box of stuff from a really awesome chick. It was full of all these little random things, each of which I enjoyed.

That awesome chick was Kat from Drawing Cowboys.

And an idea was born.

The Dollar $tore Challenge

It’s really simple. If you like shopping, then you’ll absolutely love this.

All you need is $20 bucks, a few more bucks for shipping, and a local dollar store.

Kat and I are collecting names and addresses of people who are interested in playing along. If you sign up, all you have to do is spend 20 bucks at your local dollar store and ship it to the person we send you. In return, you’ll be getting a box too. If you are like us, you know how many hidden treasures are available at dollar stores. It may cost only a dollar, but its actually priceless…. er something.

Ok so, we’ll be taking names until March 1st. That’s exactly one week from now. So if you are interested or you have any questions, or are just as excited as we are about this, leave me a comment and let me know. Make sure you leave a valid email address too so I can get you hooked up with the info that you need.

So! Care to take on the challenge?


UPDATE: We’ve had an awesome response and are done taking names! Thanks to everyone who is participating!