She is Love

Although I shouldn’t be shocked by this anymore, I’m always thrown for a loop when the wonderful people on this here Internet come together.

Our girl Piper had her heart shattered. In the process of this, OUR hearts shattered too. We wept, we got angry, we felt all the emotions she felt and on top of it, we felt helpless because we wanted to help our friend. That’s the troublesome part of the Internet, the distance it creates between hearts that love.

So we did what we could. We formed a little militia group. We organized. We plotted. And we’ve come together to love our friend and close the gap of miles between us as best we could.

Piper, we love you. We hope you can feel it.

You are loved. Not just by us:

Amy – Dooblevay
Heather – Soft Skies
Jenny Grace – Miss Disgrace
Melisa – Suburban Scrawl
Melissa – Rock and Drool
Mishi – Secret Agent Mama
Nic – Red Lotus Mama
Diane – Momo Fali
Rachel – A Southern Fairytale
Sarah –
Tara – If Mom Says OK
Weaselmomma – World of Weasels

But by the whole internet over and over…
Special thanks to the ladies who worked with me to Pick Up Piper. You all amaze me and warm my heart.

Please sign Mr. Linky if you posted the video or were in it. I’m sure Piper would love it.

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  1. I love the power of the internet.

    And I love Piper.


  2. Tara R. says:

    There’s a whole lot of love going on here… Love you Piper!


  3. It’s just so awesomely amazing!!!! XOXOXOXOX


  4. Kellee says:

    I really thought this was so lovely. Well done, all of you.


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