Boys, Boys, Boys

After a big girls weekend, it was my son’s turn to have some fun. We headed North to go visit Megan, who was hosting Jess and her son Nugget for the weekend.

The mom’s went out to a sushi dinner (ewwwww. I had the garlic Kobe beef which was AWESOME) and got tipsy on fancy drinks from Maui once we got back to the house. Which was not IN Maui, duh. Megan just brought the recipe home with her.


The next day came around, the jolly jump got delivered for Big T’s 4th birthday and let me tell you, those boys were ready to PARTY.

Ready to JUMP

The highlights included a LOT of jumping and sliding, a mutilated Scooby Doo head that candy flew out of, ONE use of the ice pack after a wayward high five landed the birthday boy flat on his back, an awesome veggie plate, some nun-chucks, and Nugget who slept through all of it only to wake up at the very end.

Oh and this:

jolly jump burn

That’s a jolly jump burn for those not in the know. It might not look like much, but that fucker burns. I have a smaller matching one on the opposite elbow. When a 5 year old peer pressures you to do somersaults down the jolly jump slide, you do it. Like I really wanted to get called out by a kid with a mohawk. I don’t *think* so dude. I did the somersault, I rolled down it, and I went backwards too.

2 elbow burns and a little hip pain was worth it. Respect EARNED bitches.

Oh and? It wiped out my son. He fell asleep in the car and slept all the way through the night. 13 hours. It was AWESOME.

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  1. Avitable says:

    Pfft, complaining about that little tiny burn. Pussy.


  2. mel says:

    I agree. Sushi – BLECH. 13hrs? Sounds like I need to get me a jolly jumper.


  3. Briya says:

    Yeah. Thumbs down on the sushi. But two thumbs WAY up for all that fun.


  4. Issa says:

    mmmm sushi. Want. :)

    Looks like you guys had a blast.


  5. Jess says:

    This weekend was Tits McGee to the max! It really truly was. I’m so happy I hoovered sushi and giggled over Maui Sex In A Red Cup Sunset Drinks with you girlies this weekend. :)


  6. Anthony says:

    That sushi looks awesome!


  7. Kellee says:

    Ewww? How can you not like sushi?????

    Looks like a fun weekend.:)


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