Wordless Wednesday: Diptych One – Angular


Angular - Diptych 1

La Sagrada Familia

The Not So Wordless Part:

Since I love a good photo project, I asked my photo (and just about everything else) partner in crime Nic, if she’d like to join me. Of course she said yes and here we are.

Here’s an explanation of the Diptych project, brought to you by Kellee of The Not So Small Things.

Head over to Nic’s place and link up if you’re playing!

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  1. Miss Grace says:

    This makes me muchly happy.


  2. Kellee says:

    This makes me VERY happy! WOO! :D I love both of your images. Great first diptych. First of many, I hope! :)


  3. paige says:

    I like these shots a lot! Many people do not change their perspective of thinks from how they usually see things.


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