25 Things You Might Not Know About Me

It’s a Blog Hop! Because when Nic says hop, I say “ok fine but I’m doing it because I want to, not because you’re doing it!”

That’s a lie. I do what she tells me.

Anywhoo… I thought this might be fun and its not 1oo things (remember those??) so let’s see if I can manage to tell you 25 things about me that you might not have known before.

1. My actual name is Melissa. Someone at BlogHer thought the ‘Miss’ on my blog was a title because it was next to @justonemiss on my badge. It read Miss @justonemiss. So she read it as such. And then asked my name. Ha! So that turned into a thing. So in actuality, it’s really Melissa. But most everyone calls me Miss or Mel.

2. I’ve vistited 25 of the 50 states. 24 of them before I turned 18. The only new state I’ve been too since then was New York.

3. On that note, I’ve only traveled out of the country twice and that was to cross the border to Tijuana (which I don’t think really counts but whatever) and the Bahama’s.

4. I live in California but I hardly ever go to the beach. I think I’ve gone maybe 3 times this year. I absolutely take it for granted as most Californian’s do. We’re assholes like that.

5. I’m a pisces so water attracts me. I absolutely love it, I love the sound of it and (I swear I did not know this about her but OF COURSE I feel the same way) like Nic, I love sitting on the beach on a cold day while bundled up. Looks like we’ll be doing that this winter.

6. Watching TV and movies is one of my favorite past times. I probably watch too much of both but I really don’t care.

7. I love camping and I miss it fiercely.

8. I can’t stand it when my kid’s room or the bathroom is dirty but my room is a total disaster.

9. I don’t care about two things, like could honestly care less: if my bed is ever made (I’m just going to sleep in it that night anyways) and how the toilet paper is put on the roll. Seriously people, that shit is absolutely insignificant unless you have a shitty roll holder. They don’t unroll themselves anymore, stop obsessing about that. Also, if you go to someones house and change it while sitting on their pot because it’s bothering you, you’re a total asshole. Don’t touch my TP bitches.

10. I wash my hands a LOT. They feel dirty a lot. Like, borderline OCD.

11. I love old buildings, city history, and photos of the inside of abandoned buildings.

12. Actually, I’m just a history nerd. I love it.

13. I never play the lotto, even if the jackpot is in the millions.

14. I did graduate from college but I had a baby before I did so I finished my degree from my living room in between his naps and working nights.

15. My degree is in Business Administration. I don’t know that it has ever helped me get a job but I don’t know that it hasn’t either.

16. Some people know this but I feel like everyone should: I hate sushi. I’ve tried to love it but I just can’t.

17. I used to be really good at basketball.

18. People really hate Chuck E. Cheese but I love it. It was one of my son’s favorite places as a little(r) boy AND I like the pizza and their bread sticks.

19. I’ve never had a surgery or been hospitalized. Baby having doesn’t count.

20. But I have broken my right wrist twice. In not so graceful/responsible fashions.

21. I don’t have any tattoos but I can’t wait to get some. I have them planned out and everything. Where’s that pesky money fairy??

22. I love Time Management computer games. Like Diner Dash? Love it. I’ll play for hours. I especially like the cooking ones.

23. I hate Black Friday. I hate shopping crowds, especially frantic ones. But I am thinking of going out to get some TVs this year so what does that say about me?

24. I ask a lot of hypothetical questions so don’t answer that.

25. I strongly feel that one can never own too many hoodies, sweat pants, and yoga pants. I really, really love comfort, even to sacrifice fashion. Sometimes. Rompers, you do not apply here. Or anywhere.

So, got 25 things you want me to know about you?? Link up bitches!

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  1. #10 … ME TOO!

    I will laugh if we spend more time on the beach in the winter than we do in the summer!


  2. briya says:

    Heh. If I come to your house and your TP is under, I AM TOTALLY CHANGING IT. You probably won’t even notice.

    I am totally that asshole.


  3. AmazingGreis says:

    FINALLY someone who LOVES Chuck E. Cheese’s!! I love that place and I don’t have kids, but I’ll take anyone’s child there for FUN.

    I’m with Briya, I’m an OVER TP girl and I’ve been known to change it, but only if I’m at a friends house that I know well. :)

    Diner Dash is one of my most favorite games ever. I also love Hotel Dash, Cooking Dash and Parking Dash.

    Black Friday is my weakness. The deals can be very good, especially on big ticket items. I got my TV 2 years ago and plan on getting another one this year.


  4. mel says:

    8, 10, 11, 16 & 23. Yes all the way.
    also, how did you visit so many states that young? so cool


  5. Avitable says:

    I knew a few of these, and there is no such thing as watching too much TV or movies.


  6. pamela says:

    I’ve never tried Sushi either!

    and yay for march birthdays!


  7. theavasmommy says:

    God, I am SO with you on sushi. Raw fish is bait. Not not people food.

    Black Friday is just not for me. I cannot breathe when I have a crowd of people around me. I panic. So yeah, online shopping? Best invention ever.

    I also agree with Adam, that there is no such thing as too much tv.


  8. Drea says:

    You have got a lot of traveling done!


  9. Issa says:

    I love your number 9. Also the name one…seeing how three separate people asked me last week where the name Issa came from. Snort.


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  11. THanks for joining in the Blog Hop fun!! I had no idea that Miss stood for Melissa!! And…did we meet at BlogHer from Nic….maybe?!


  12. laura says:

    I feel the same about Black Friday. Hate it. The sales aren’t worth the crowds or people to me.


  13. Sarah says:

    Hah! I did mine, and then added the link at Nic’s site, so I show up there. THEN, I did it and added mine on YOUR link and show up here. I am a greedy bastardina and hope people comment. *lame*

    I miss you.
    Also? I love you.

    What’s going on for Labor Day? Can you host me? I want to come see people & am just worried about hotel expenses whether I fly or not.


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