Get ready to Wreck It!


My family and I had the amazing opportunity to go to a screening of Wreck It Ralph this week. It’s always a treat to see movies in advance and this one, we got to see at the Disney Animation Studios in Burbank.

I’ll be perfectly honest here. When I first saw the previews for Wreck It Ralph, I wasn’t too stoked. It looked ok, but nothing I would rush out to see. As more previews came out, I got more interested in it but still wasn’t sure what to expect when I saw it.

I was very pleasantly surprised. By the end scene I had a grin as big as Cheshire Cat. Wreck It Ralph was absolutely AWESOME! Disney brought out all your old video game favorites for this movie. There were so many gaming character cameos that I began to lose track. As per most awesome Disney movies, there was a great message about accepting yourself AND lots of fun jokes for kids and parents.

If you aren’t sure about this one, I’ll break it down quick without revealing any spoilers. Ralph is a bad guy. But he wants people to see that he’s way more than that. This movie is his journey to proving to the other characters around him that he can be a good guy. How he gets there means some tough choices and a lot of fun along the way. The concept is that all the characters in the game can travel to each others games by an electric cord subway system. Sounds crazy but it’s absolutely clever and fun to watch the characters jump games.


We loved Wreck It Ralph. No doubt about it. If you’re looking for a family friendly movie to see this weekend, this is it. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Wreck It Ralph is in theaters now!

The only compensation I got for this post was the opportunity to attend the screening. Since I love movies so much, that was enough. Now stop reading and go see the movie!

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  1. TheAvasmommy says:

    Ava’s been asking to go see this. Wondering if she’s too young, you think?


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