Workin’ It

If you ask any of my friends, they will tell you that up until recently, I was the person who would wrinkle their nose at people who ran. For fun. Those crazy people, you’d never catch me running unless someone is chasing me. Ha right!?

Yeah. I’m totally eating crow on this one. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m the huge jerk there. Yoga? Yes, any day of the week. But running? Ick.

Until recently. I caught the bug. I even joined the gym again. I used to actually go and work out and then with job change after job change I just stopped. I started yoga and went after my teaching certificate and that was a wonderful journey that I’ll continue on for the rest of my life but I’m expanding. I got realllllly sick in January, before having that nasty flu was cool. I’m a hipster like that. I lost 10 pounds because I didn’t eat for almost 2 weeks. Which isn’t an exaggeration for writing purposes. I was just that sick. The kind of sick where you go to work, get sent home, and don’t even remember GOING to work. I was sick the entire month of January and once I got healthy again, I had to make up for all that lost eating time and I gained that 10 pounds back and those 10 pounds brought some friends.

So after some peer pressure, I downloaded a calorie counting app, joined the gym and here I am, workin’ on my fitness.

Right as I was starting to work out, an awesome opportunity fell in my lap: a morning of play with Soleil Moon Fry and Target. Hello, I love Target! And I loved Punky Brewster but who didn’t? Of COURSE I said yes! The kids had a blast playing fun games and running around in their C9 gear.


Who didn’t love the parachute when they were a kid? Best day of the month when we got to play with that sucker.

So how cute and teeny is Soleil Moon Frye? And her kids were sweet as pie too. The event was a blast and everyone looked so adorable running around in their C9 gear.

The event was sponsered by C9 by Champion for Target. If you didn’t know, C9 by Champion is the new line of workout gear sold at Target. It’s afordable and it is so dang comfy. The new line of tennis shoes are like walking on air. I wear them all the time and so does Mike. He actually traded his regular slip on Vans for his C9′s. He’s even started running with me because he likes wearing them so much.


We’re having a lot of fun pumping up our lifestyle  with some fitness. Which is something I never, ever thought I’d be saying. And I don’t mind that I might actually be closer to a bikini this season, closer than I’ve been in about 12 years anyways.


Like I said, I never thought I’d even be talking about running in a positive way but I guess it’s just not all that bad. In fact, I’m throwing around the idea of doing some kind of marathon, starting off small and working my way up. If I can do days full of yoga for good causes, I can certainly keep up with my fitness for the best cause of all, my health.

Any tips from runners or anyone in general who’s in better shape than me? I’ll take it!

*Full disclosure: C9 for Target didn’t request a post but they did send me and my kid C9 gear to wear to the event. All the opinions and statements here are my own.

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  1. Al_Pal says:

    Grrrl, you are slender. To have a bikini body? Put on a bikini! [You've seen that graphic/meme, right?]

    I run to catch public transit. So far. Currently, I’m not even walking, but I hope that with plenty of PT, I’ll be back to running to catch the bus or light rail. :P

    Glad you had fun!


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