Why I’m Currently Addicted to Snapchat


When I first heard about Snapchat, I wasn’t really interested. I have a lot of social media apps in my app drawer so what was one more that does what some other apps already do on a wider scale?

I decided to download it one day and give it a try and right off the bat, I didn’t get it.

That’s a big thing for a tech nerd like me to admit. It wasn’t really clear cut and I like clear cut. I had a *ahem*younger*cough* co-worker explain the basics to me and I was in business.

When you first open the app, it opens to the camera. You can either take a photo or a short video. Or you can go to your activity page by clicking the box in the bottom left corner. The camera is front and back facing (unlike vine, boo) and you can use flash if you want. Once you take a pic or video, you’ll see the result on the next screen.


You can click the X to retake, or the pencil to draw on the photo. If you want to type a small bit of text, just tap the screen and your keyboard should pop up. You can set the timer on the bottom or even save the file by clicking the down arrow. If you’re done, hit send. Once you do, you get to pick who you want to send the images to.


This is some of what sets Snapchat apart because you can send it to one person or 100. For Android, you can only pick people in your contact list who have Snapchat accounts. I think this may be different on iPhone. They just got a new update which made the app look sleeker and gave more options for searching for friends.

You can find friends by username on the live camera screen by tapping the bottom right box on the screen.

Once you send your media to your selected parties, you can monitor when its delivered and who opens it. The app will also tell you when the recipient takes a screenshot.


This is where the fun begins, if you are sending your photos to fun people. Send a snap of what you’re doing, you might get a snap back of what your friend is doing. What’s for dinner? Snap and find out. Its always fun to send out a snap and get a few replies back. Its instant and its cute and if you’re doing it right, its fun.

I’m hoping we get the update soon which gives you reply options and a sleeker look. In the meantime, I’ll be snapping away random things here and there. If you want to add me, I’m there as justonemiss (duh).

Happy snapping!

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  1. Briya says:

    Hey! I’m your best friend!

    Aren’t you glad I convinced you to give it another try?


  2. mel says:

    fine, I’ll reinstall it. GOSH!


  3. mona says:

    I’ll have to try it. But I’m scared I’ll be rejected? Like Chat Roulette all over again!


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