Aren’t You Glad the Olympics are Over? (Also, hi, I’m back.)

I’m glad. Could it be that I’m glad the Olympics are over because I’m an “un-American sore loser” as my friend Emmie so elegantly put it? Or is it because I’m pretty much over Sochi? Or maybe it’s because I miss TV.

It’s the third one. I’m not going to lie. I miss my shows, man. Do you know how long I’ve had to wait for Grey’s and Scandal to come back? I’m pretty sure it’s close to forever. (No, you have a flair for the dramatic.)

Ant kept trying to get me into the Olympics. Bless his heart, he TRIED. Every night when we watch, I’m fiddling around on my iPad, reading trashy tween novels (Holla for the Dollangangers!), and he’s over here on the other side of the couch going, “Whoa!” or, “daaaang that was a bad fall!” just trying to get me interested. It didn’t work. Once Shawn White’s new haircut failed me, I was all but checked out of the Winter Olympics. And don’t even get me started on the Jamaican bobsled team. Those guys really had John Candy rolling in his grave.

Anyhow, I’m glad to be rid of Sochi. What a horrible place huh? I couldn’t believe the crazy stories coming out of there! Corruption is a hot mess and I can’t wait to read later about what kind of crazy corrupted deals were going down in regards to these games. Time will tell.

Speaking of the Olympics… So these host countries go to great lengths to build arena’s and courses for Olympic events to be held in, right? In Russia, they built that great big arena for the opening ceremonies and closing ceremonies ONLY! Can you believe that? What happens after the games end? These buildings just go to waste? I need to do some research into abandoned Olympic Parks because that must be quite a site to see.

Bye Bye Russia!


Moving on…

What do you think of the new blog? *twirls* Isn’t she purdy?? Of course, I have no one to thank except my great eye for design and the amazing talents that Ant has when it comes to design work. He’s so clever and put up with me sending him pics and samples and saying. “so basically, I want this but not that, and this, and this over here, in this font, in this color, but not that color there.” And then seeing it all and saying, “well not quite this but that instead.” He’s very patient. He has to be to have stuck it out with me all this time. Trust me on that one.

So I’m hopeful that my new layout, with its new categories, and it’s shiny new newness will inspire me to write great works of art here. Or probably just share what I’m eating and watching a lot. Because truth be told, that’s pretty much what takes up most of my time anyways.

So, here we go again as I try to start blogging once more. We’ll see. If you’ve been a reader before, you know I hardly am able to stick to it but who knows, maybe this is the time!

As always, thanks for readiing!

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  1. EmmieJ says:

    Hahahahahahahahahaha. Un-American sore loser, tv junkie. Same diff.


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