100 Happy Days


I’m a pretty happy person. If someone were to ask if I was happy, I’d quickly say yes. If they asked me why… I’d probably have to take a minute to answer. It wouldn’t take that long because I’m lying, it’s just that answering WHY to a question like that can be thought provoking.

Aside from the obvious answers, what makes us happy?

When I first saw the 100 Happy Days Challenge, I thought, piece of cake. But that wasn’t the reaction I got from a lot of other people. One reaction was, “HELL NO!” and another, “Nope, not with my job” and that made me sad. It’s sad that the first reaction to being HAPPY, to challenging yourself to find the happy was a resounding NO. I happen to know that both of the people that said that to me share very happy moments with the world on a regular basis so why was their first reaction to assume that there was no way they could achieve something like this? Another close friend was very hesitant. She’s been battling depression for some time and her first natural reaction was that this was impossible. I encouraged her to give it a try because I knew for a fact that she has quite a few things in her life that she shares with me that are happy moments. It might seem impossible to her, to anyone, but from the outsiders perspective, we often see the happy that people can’t see in their own lives.

I think this is why I’m so much in favor of this challenge. They say that it takes 21 days to form a habit. I think recognizing happiness is a most definitely a habit we can all form. We go about our days feeling moments of happiness but do we realize it when it happens? Or do we just take time to recognize and dwell in sadness, or anger, or frustration? Those emotions are much easier to feel because they come naturally and they are so recognizable in the moment. And they tend to linger a lot longer than happiness does. I know that things like this take encouragement which is why I made a Facebook group for people who are participating but feel like they need that little push sometimes. If you’re interested in joining the group, leave me a comment! It will be like having your own personal cheering section in the next 100 days.

So let’s fight that feeling! I challenge you to take 100 days and find your happiness. It’s there; you just have to learn how to recognize it, appreciate it, and enjoy it.

100 Happy Days! Are you up for it?? There’s no official start date, begin when you’re ready. Just make sure you sign up at 100HappyDays.com where you can specify where you’ll be logging your days. I’m using my Instagram feed, which is right over there to the right. You can also check out the #100HappyDays hashtag on probably any social network and see some people trying to get happy!

Let’s go!

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  1. Lex says:

    This post makes me happy. :)


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