Opening Day Blues

I’m still really happy that baseball is back. But that’s about the only thing I’m happy about.

·        Kershaw – on the DL. I mean, WTF. Really? He got hurt in Australia so yay for that stupid waste of a trip.

·        We STILL can’t watch games because Time Warner is an asshole. I mean, greed is so ugly. I’m mad at TW. I’m mad at the ownership for selling out to TW in the first place. I’m just mad mad mad about the whole thing. As an aside, does anyone know any places that actually have Time Warner where we can go and watch games? Because even restaurants and bars don’t subscribe to that shitty cable.

·        Sigh. Despite the fact that we bought a mini plan through the Dodgers, our plan was TOO mini because Opening Day tickets were not included this year. Never mind that it’s been included in min plans for the last few years, this year you had to buy 30 games in order to get Opening Day. So no Opening Day for us, which makes me pretty bummed. BUT!

We’ve got tickets for next week against the Tigers and low and behold, I’ll finally be seeing a game in Anaheim. The place I dread to go. Fake LA team. To see them play the Mets. What makes it all worth while is that Ant will be happy to see his Mets and we get to go with Lex and Marco which makes everyone happy. Anytime I can spend with my SFAM is good. I’ve already been told not to be upset that their stadium is better to which I say, I won’t be because there’s no way that is possible. Suck it stupid fake LA team.

So baseball. We’re in full swing now. I’m excited to see the changes the Dodgers have made to the stadium, even if it’s from afar because I STILL CAN’T GET TO THEM BECAUSE I SIT IN THE RESERVE. *cough* Oh and! I heard a rumor that that wifi is finally up and running. We’ll see how good it is next week. Until then, Go Dodgers!


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