Postponed. (Alt. title: Why is it so damn hot??!)

Mother Nature is kind of a jerk. Here in California, we’ve reached the tail end of a disgusting heat wave. We’ve been in triple digits for the last 5 days or so and it’s been downright miserable.

As you know, I was scheduled to run a Spartan Race this past weekend and I was pretty nervous about it. The closer we got to the race, the less I worried about being physically able to complete it and the more I worried about the heat. I was planning on being as prepared as possible with a water pack and pedialyte to hydrate with. I had been hydrating for the two days leading up to the race and while I was nervous, I thought that if I paced myself, I’d make it. As I’m walking out of the store the night before, I get a text from my cousin who was running the race with me:


That day (Saturday), they held a Spartan Beast which is a 12 mile course, a longer version of ours. Hundreds of people fell out due to the heat and at a certain point, they closed the course and diverted it, cutting it in half for those still running. Because it was supposed to be hotter the next day, the race coordinators made the decision to not continue with Sunday’s race. It was absolutely in the best interest of the athletes for them to do this. The majority of people running this race are in peak physical condition. It’s not a race taken lightly, I’ve been training for it myself for months. To think I would have made it through a 5 mile course in the heat with no shade was crazy thinking.


I’m disappointed but I am thankful that instead of cancelling the race, they are just postponing it to January. Not only does that give me more time to train but it’s also going to be considerably cooler. It also puts me that much closer to completing a Trifecta in a calender year. (Spartan talk guys. Sorry.)

All I need now is for this damn heat wave to break. Because, this:

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