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                    Prof. Taichiro Okazaki報告

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                    TitleSeismic performance of steel concentrically braced frames in Japan

                    BiographyTaichiro Okazaki received the Ph.D. degree from University of Texas at Austin. He is a professor of Hokkaido University and a visiting researcher of National research Institute for Earth science and Disaster prevention (NIED) in Japan. He used to be an associate professor in Hokkaido University and University of Minnesota. His research interests include architecture and building engineering and building structures and materials.

                    Abstract: Steel braced frames have been used extensively in building structures in Japan. Damage has been observed in steel braced frames from recent earthquakes despite the extensive research that has been conducted since the 1970’s. The observed damage and the state of knowledge on the performance and design of steel braced frames will be discussed followed by a series of experimental studies performed at Hokkaido University.

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